The Claremont House

A Classic Design meets the 21st Century

Follow along as I rip out backward building practices and rejuvenate a 30-year-old house into a beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient Home.

Local Bird Watching

Every wonder who lives in the treetops around your house? I started cataloging all the birds who come to visit.

Local Critters

See who shares the Woods with us on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee

Tennessee offers fantastic touring; on Bike or Car. See our trips to local waterfalls and  points of interest nearby.

Connect to STARLINK! Build a home LAN, NAS, or PC. How to install Linux & Windows.

Fun on 2 Wheels

Technical motorcycle tips with maintenance and customizing.

Fun on 2 Wings

See photos of Flying and Airplanes

21st Century Texas Cowboys

Our adventures as we corral cows, feed deer and chase feral hogs on the ranch in Buffalo, Texas

A specialty care provider, The Woodlands, TX

Scheduling an evaluation is the first step to getting speech-language, feeding, oral motor or occupational therapy for your child