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  • Pilot vs Doctor

    For years, Doc has tried to reduce the fears the pilots have when they approach their regular physical exam. The business of "white coat hypertension" -- while often joked about -- is quite real.

    A little over twenty years ago, a friend and AirBorne pilot by the name of Bob Ellsworth would come in for his physical. While he was waiting he would doodle a cartoon on the back of an envelope, or whatever he could get his hands on, primarily to try to relax He had the classic white coat syndrome and Doc was just ornery enough to torment him a little about it.

    After easily completing one of his "ordeals" (the physical exam), the idea of portraying each individual involved (doctor and pilot), as seen by the other, sprang into the conversation.

    Bob went West in the late 80's but our fond memory of him lives on through his delightful drawings: