Ponderosa (nearest): Turn right out of the office drive, go to the first traffic light (about 1 miles), turn left.  The Ponderosa is straight ahead one block.

There is an excellent small family operated bar and grill (good steaks) with local cooking.  It is about a half block west of the center of town on West Main St right across from the court house.  It is the Prime Cut.  The entrance and sign do not jump out at you but it is about 5-6 doors west of the center of town on the south side of the street (Main St).

Frischs Big Boy, Arby's, Wendy's, China #1 Buffet, Golden Buffet (Chinese), Taco Bell, Burger King are all on North High Street (US Rt. 62), a few blocks north of the center of town.  From the office, turn right.  At any traffic light turn left (west) one block, this is High Street (US 62).  Turn right (north) and follow through the center of town.  The first restaurant will be Wendy's on the right at a traffic light.  A couple of blocks further north at the bottom of the hill at a light will begin with China #1 Buffet and Alley 21 (bowling alley+ excellent restaurant) on the right in a small mall.  Taco Bell and Burger King are on the left at the K-Mart entrance.  At the traffic light across from the hospital, Golden Buffet (Chinese) is in the little shopping center on the right.  Continuing north on US 62 past the hospital it's Arby's on the left and Frisch's Big Boy (Shoney's for those of you from Dixie). 

Pizza Hut is on the right just north of the traffic light at Harry Sauner Rd.  McDonald's is across the intersection.

If you turn west onto Harry Sauner Rd, there are several "sit down: restaurants:  DeStephano's Italian, Bob Evans, The Dakota Steak House, LaCascada Mexican, and Star Chili  - all located on Harry Sauner Rd (traffic light at Pizza Hut and North High St - Sauner Rd connects to SR 73).  Only the LaCascada is not clearly visible from Sauner Rd.  For great real Mexican, turn in at the Kroger's gas station traffic light and it is ahead on the left.