About Doc terrell


We Are here to Keep you flying...

After growing up on a nearby farm, Doc Terrell lived out his dream of being a small town country doc and began his practice in this area in the mid-60's. He moved to Hillsboro in 1969 and opened the present office location in 1982. He continued practicing here until being recalled from the USAF Reserves to active duty in January 1991 for Desert Storm. Following his retirement from the Air Force Reserves after 27 years Doc returned to Hillsboro and reopened his medical practice in 1996. In 2005, he retired only the Family Medicine part of his practice, electing to concentrate on Aviation Medicine.

Doc, an instrument rated pilot himself, has been flying since the early 50's. He has flown in C-47 Gooney Birds to F-16's, from backwards to Mach 2. He has logged about 4000 civilian hours and 1200 hours of military flight time. For many years he has proudly owned and flown the classic Cessna 195, pictured above at a Florida friend's place.

Doc has been an FAA aviation medical examiner since 1967 and a Senior AME since 1969. A few years ago, (Feb. 2010) he completed the Advanced AME Course at the FAA medical center, Oklahoma City (only a few select AME's in the country have had the privilege of this course). He has held continuous membership in AOPA since 1961 and has been a member of EAA since 1978. He serves as an EAA AME PILOT ADVOCATE providing that 'extra mile' for the airman needing assistance with medical certification. He also is a member of the Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA), an international organization of AME's.

...Not to Keep You from Flying