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German TV Show (RTL)

The German TV station, RTL, filmed a special 6-minute segment about living and flying in an Aeroclub in South Florida and the Mooney played the featured role. In this 30-second clip, I took the reporter for an introductory flight from Wellington to Pahokee along the tip of the Florida Everglades and the Sugar Cane fields -- a topography much different from Cologne, Germany. (The show aired only in German - Sorry... no English subtitles)

RTL Movie - You need to install the FLASH Player to view this

New York City

I took these Aerial views of New York City in the 1980's. We often used to fly in formation along the Hudson River; traffic would keep "to the right". I set these pictures aside and didn't think much about them until the towers were no longer there.

It is still a wonderful adventure to fly south along the Hudson, past the Statue of Liberty to the Atlantic Ocean and then back north passing close to the cityscape. Flying in formation with a Rockwell Commander (N4912W) made it more thrilling.


Flying over the George Washington Bridge at 800', headed South Wide angle view of downtown. In the foreground, the wing of the Rockwell Commander taking our picture Catching the light of the setting sun with NYC as a backdrop Never a technically "good" photo, so I forgot about it. Until one day -- many years later -- when the towers achieved infamy.

South Florida

Some exterior pictures of the plane with the typical sub-tropical South Florida backdrop.

When there are no hurricanes and there is deep snow in the north, this becomes my favorite picture Simple 3/4 view And tail end... Plus the starboard side...

The Interior

A few shots of the interior. It's often hard for non-pilots to believe that this plane was originally manufactured in 1979. See the section in Maintenance for details on the remodelling effort.

Trying to keep up with pace of new avionics The Pax point of view This model has the solid, rear bench-seat


Oh, yeah it's easyAnyone remember Ziggy? With his famous admonition about becoming too complacent while flying.