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Champion Sparkplug

It's not always clear where routine maintenance becomes a major overhaul. But as the plane neared 20 years and needed an engine overhaul, it was more than clear that the paint, seats, glass, etc — in short, most of the plane — needed a major facelift.

So this section shows the various stages of the rebuild. Yes, there is a logical sequence to the overhaul as it makes no sense to rebuild the engine on top of a fresh paint job.

The engine overhaul was handled by Mattituck and not covered here.

  1. So, engine and major mechanical first
  2. Then glass
  3. Then paint
  4. Then the complete interior
  5. Lastly avionics. Why last? Because when I started this in 2000, it was clear that the shift from steam gages to glass was underway and would arrive in a few years.

    Scheduled Maintenance

  • Changing the Shock Discs is not as difficult as it seems. You do need a special set of tools
  • Engine baffling unbaffled


  • We replaced all the plexiglass just before the aircraft was painted
  • The interior involved new insulation, wiring, coax, plastic interior panels, seats and carpeting
  • Painting the plane involves some careful planning. I tried to think ahead and move any antennae or complete any maintenance that involved body work FIRST
  • Avionics made huge gains in the 21st century. See what I was able to retrofit


  • It is assumed at all times that you have proper supervision, materials and documentation