Carlin's Kitchen Project (continued)

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Measuring for Granite

If you've never seen how they measure for granite, it's interesting. The guy arrives with a stack of thin veneer strips and a hot-glue gun. He places the strips around the perimeter of the area where each piece of granite will go and then hot glues the pieces together. These patterns will be used to cut the granite counter tops. Or so it goes in theory. We'll see later this week when they get installed...

I wanted to round the end of the counter in an evolute and continue that curve onto the bar counter. Viewed from above, you can see it's one, continuous curve; just split over 2 elevations. Cool, huh?



I think deciding on the backsplash took longer than designing the kitchen. It's not a trivial decision. If you look at the TV shows today, they will want you to install glass tiles. I think you can count on 2 hands the number of weeks that will stay in style. The bigger problem with small glass (or porcelain) tiles is this: Grout joints. Grout is just concrete. And concrete does not do well in Florida; it turn dark with dirt and mildew. Tile a wall with 1" tiles and almost 1/5 of that wall is concrete. I don't want grout joints.

We looked at everything. Natural, synthetics, tiles, metals... and in the end, we settled on a 2000 year old product that the Romans used and loved: Travertine.

Some nice features about Travertine
  • - Almost no one recommended it, so you KNOW, that's what I want then
  • - Can be fitted so that there is almost zero grout line
  • - It's a natural material so it blends with natural stone granite and natural, solid cherrywood.
  • - It's sealed just like granite, so it wipes off the same way and NO GROUT JOINTS to clean.
  • - I was able to SAND the edges by hand so that the edges fit in perfectly. (when you see these TV shows where they never understand how the ancients fitted stones so tightly together - well, folks, it's really not that hard)



It's DONE !!!

Debbie was SO happy to have running water in the kitchen. After months of doing dishes in the washroom!!!

One Happy Deb!

Even the parts you DON'T see are clean, neat and efficient. These drain pipes have almost twice the volume than the ones the builders will install. But for $2 extra, the larger pipes don't clog!

One Tip: The screws that came with the stainless steel handle pulls were neither stainless nor flush. If you use those screws and try to wipe the inside of the door, the cloth will catch on the screw heads.

So just BUY decent stainless countersunk screws and .. yes, it's takes an extra hour of work to countersink them, but it's a smooth clean job when finished!


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