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This page forms a launch pad for many different websites

How do you link together opposite activities?

At first glance, Airplanes + Home Automation? Linguistics and BMW Motorcycles?

Well, yes, there is a common theme: An interest in all things technical + academic + exciting.

So Yup! It's all here.


So what do I do?

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Aircraft For Sale!

Yes, I've been a pilot since I was old enough to fly.
Some of my friend asked me to help list their airplanes for sale.

Any questions, you know how to find me.


Claremont House

A Classic Design meets the 21st Century.

Follow along and contribute your knowledge as I update, modernize and add new technologies to make a 20 year-old house comfortable, energy-efficient and FUN!

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About Me

My name is Larry Carlin. I design web sites. And other stuff.

This site changes often as I just play with new ideas for layouts